Kicking off 2021!

What a way to kick off 2021 , with our whole team! The Best Point Team was able to meet up for lunch to talk about last year and the [...]

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Class C Softball State Champions!

Experiencing state softball has been one of my favorite high school memories! I've been going to cheer on the Bluejays at state softball since I've been in 7th grade and [...]

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Let’s Get Tropical!

Hi, my name is Jaylen Kile. I am from West Point and attend West Point-Beemer Public Schools. Let’s Get Tropical is a business owned and run by my family. We [...]

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Channeling My Inner Noah

Coding. It's a pretty scary word to most people who see it. As web designers, if we have a major coding issue we usually say, "Noah (our tech wizard), could [...]

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Hi! My name is Sammy McEvoy! I live in Dodge, NE and I am a sophomore at Clarkson Public Schools. I am involved in Volleyball, Basketball, and Track. I [...]

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Join Our Team!

So far it’s been an adventure - and we’d like you to be apart of it! Ready to join our Best Point team, or know anyone that could be a [...]

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  • Haley Pierce in Tokyo

Best Point intern to Tokyo

Best Point Legacy intern Haley Pierce was among five University of Nebraska at Kearney students who traveled halfway across the world to present their research and immerse themselves in Japanese [...]

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