Let’s get straight to the point— the Best Point.

1. Introduction

2. Goals

3. Design

4. Review & Next Steps


1. Introduction

Who are we? What is the Best Point model?

Tell us about your business. What do you do?

Do you have an existing website? What are your thoughts on it?

2. Goals

What are your goals for this website?

Is it a marketing tool used to attract new clients?

Is it a customer service tool for existing clients to interact with your business?

Is it a Promotional tool to showcase your non-profit?

Are you looking make Sales Online?

Perhaps it’s an Educational tool to inform your visitors?

3. Design

Let’s discuss…

   Appearance: layout, shapes, pictures, colors

   Mood: upbeat, professional, unique

   Content: photos, copyrighting

4. Review and Next Steps


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Website Design Proposal

Hosting & Security

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