Let me apologize up front – this post has absolutely nothing at all to do with websites.  But I need to share the story with someone. Lucky you!
Last night was the eve of my birthday, and it was chilly.  Temps in the 40’s I think.  My plan was to stay overnight in downtown Bayard, Nebraska for a video shoot the next day (for my other business – www.WeAreStorytellers.com). Well, I turned north and arrived in this small western Nebraska community, but Google was wrong.  Hotel looked like it had been closed for at least a couple years. Small trees growing in front of the office door.  Only hotel in this town of just over a thousand people.  Oh well, I could just drive back to Bridgeport – no biggie.
Then, I saw it.  How could I have missed it before???? As I drove south, there it was – one of the most iconic landmarks for early pioneers who travelled west through our state in the 1800s – Chimney Rock.  Who knew it was lit up at night? And how did I miss it before when I drove this exact same road?  Was it the universe tell me to just slow down a little and look around? :)