Our Story

How It All Started

We saw a problem. One that didn’t seem to be going away.  Finding someone local to create professional-looking websites.  Businesses were asking for it. Organizations were asking for it. They didn’t know where to turn. So they went out looking. Some found help in other cities… other states.  Some just gave up.

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The Vision

Best Point Web Design is a business made up of a local business mentor (that’s me!) and several high school students who market, create, and maintain websites for local companies and organizations.

The students apply for an “internship” at the end of their sophomore year, and, if accepted, agree to be a part of the design team – ideally for two years. Along with ongoing training and the guidance of their mentor, they participate in client visits, business tours, brainstorming sessions, production meetings, and work sessions to design and create professional website for each of their clients (that’s you!)

Eventually, they’ll mentor and train each other – not only in website development, but in the business as well.

It Benefits the Student

This is a paid internship. But the benefits to the student go beyond the paycheck.  People and job skills will be developed when meeting with potential clients and listening to their needs. It will take teamwork as they work together – not only inthe business, but on the business as well. Along with entrepreneurial skills, the students will develop relationships with possible future employers.  They may discover their passion. It could launch a career.

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It Benefits the Client

For the client, new energy is pumped into their marketing program as the students learn what they need to know about each business with a fresh set of eyes.  They listen to the story of each business, and then develop a way to tell that story through the client’s website.  And at Best Point, we understand that websites are not something static – something created and then put on a shelf.  That’s where the mentor comes in.  He becomes the ongoing local contact person for the business as the students transition from year to year.

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It Benefits The Community

What better way for these students to get to know every facet of a local business. Why is that important?  It will develop relationships, and give them a connection to their hometown.  More than just a great reference on a college application or job resume, that connection could be something that eventually leads them back here. To put their skills to work. Right here! Perhaps for one of those clients they worked with. Or maybe even starting their own business.  It’s a win-win.

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Why Me?

You may ask why I am pursuing this? Two reasons.

The first is how much I enjoyed being a mentor to four high school students as they created a business plan last year and presented it as part of the Bright Lights program sponsored by Cuming County Economic Development. The students in our county are very talented, and what surprised me the most was the way they weren’t afraid to jump in and get started learning and doing things. We truly are blessed. Our young people are amazing!

The second reason is that my other businesses are in need of ongoing help with our websites from time to time. So I understand exactly where local businesses are coming from when they want local website help. We want someone who can do a great job… and someone local that we know will be around next week, next year, or five years from now.

That’s the Story

A story that will have a lasting impact far beyond where we can even imagine it today.

But you want to know the best part?

You get to help write the chapters of this story, as we
create websites and create futures.

Brian P. Kreikemeier
founder & mentor