Best Point Web Design – Creating Websites, Creating Futures. That’s what we do! Through website design, students have the opportunity to submerge themselves in the business community. They gain valuable business, professional, technical, and communication skills.

Join our team! We are currently looking for Website Design Interns.

As a Website Design Intern,

I Will…

  • Design and Build Professional Websites

  • Assist with Best Point Business Plans and Decisions

  • Engage in Brainstorming Sessions

  • Meet with Clients

  • Grow my Professional Skillset

I am…

  • Eager and Willing to Learn

  • Self-Motivated and On Task

  • Capable of Managing Deadlines and a Schedule

  • Responsible and Reliable

  • People Orientated, Friendly, Professional

  • Positive and Energetic

But What If I’m Not a Computer Genius?

That is perfectly okay! We are here to help. We love to teach, and more importantly, we love to watch others learn. We will show you how to design websites, and pretty soon, you’ll be showing others. Being a website design intern is more than just the technical stuff. We need people people, content writers, and graphic designers. Of course, if you are a computer genius, we need you too! No matter your interests and skills, we look forward to growing them with you. We are mentors and interns – not bosses and employees!

You’re Probably Wondering…

Our ideal intern is a high school junior or senior living in the West Point, NE area. Website design experience isn’t necessary, but a willingness to learn is!

Best Point Web Design is a business made up of a local business mentor (that’s me!) and several high school interns (that’s you!) who market, create, and maintain websites for local companies and organizations. Along with ongoing training and the guidance and direction of your mentor, you’ll participate in client visits, business tours, brainstorming sessions, production meetings, and work sessions to design and create professional website for each of your clients. Ideally, there are four students continuously employed – 2 juniors and 2 seniors. Eventually, you’ll mentor and train each other – not only in website development, but in the business as well.

Yes, one is paid hourly for time and talents, but we believe the benefits go beyond the pay.
Web Design Interns typically put in about 7-12 hours a week during the school year, and about 18-25 hours a week in the summer. Best Point is very flexible with hours, since we know many of you have other activities going on. Our goal is to mentor you for the rest of your high school career.
Resume Building

People Skills

Real World & Business World Experiences

What’s Next?

Your Name

Your Email

Your Phone Number (no special characters, just numbers)

A little about you...

Within a few days of receiving your message, we will give you a call. We will set up a time for you to come to the office and meet with us as well as other potential interns. We are excited to talk with you!
We will host a meet and greet at the office for you and other potential interns. This is an opportunity for you to ask questions about Best Point and for us to get to know you. We will also give an overview of the Best Point process.
We hope to start your internship at the beginning of August. We will mentor you in the business until you are ready to go solo!
If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call at 402-302-2311.

Now a Word from Our Favorite (the Only) People at Best Point…

Creating websites is great – but I’m most excited about the ‘creating futures’ aspect of Best Point. It’s a chance for students to learn about not only website design, but about their community. To learn about local businesses. About the people who live and work here. To learn what makes our community tick. And in the process, learn about themselves. Give them confidence as they push through those last couple years of high school. So when they head out into the world, they’ll be ready…for anything!

Brian - Founder and Mentor
Personally, I believe being an intern at Best Point is all about growth. It’s an energetic learning environment where I have gained skills and experiences I will use throughout life. We have a lot of fun at the office, and we each use our specific strengths to create a well-rounded team. As a Journalism and Public Relations major, I enjoy helping with promotion, writing blog posts, and setting up consultations with clients. I leave the office each day feeling as though I accomplished something important and exciting!
Haley - Website Design Intern
Being an intern at Best Point is one of my best high school experiences. Going on to study as a business major, Best Point Web Design really helps me strengthen skills that I’ll need in the business world. Brainstorming and consultation with clients are only a few of the many skills we develop and strengthen here. The best part about Best Point for me is the fact that we get work done, but we also have fun while doing it.
Diego - Website Design Intern
Working at Best Point has been one of the most challenging and rewarding adventures of my high school career. Each day, I get to take new problems head on and use the knowledge that Best Point has provided me to create something amazing. I’ve expanded my horizons and enjoyed many new experiences. I plan to major in engineering, and Best Point allows me to practice both product creation and critical thinking skills. I just know that I will look back on this internship as an opportunity well taken.
Seth - Website Design Intern

Joining the Best Point Team was one of the most determining moments in my life. I know that may sound cheesy, but I cannot stress the increased amount of opportunities Best Point has given me. I am able to set my own hours which is absolutely amazing because I am very active in extracurriculars. The learning environment is both fun-loving and innovative. Above all, everyone at Best Point is super supportive and positive at all times.

Kalli - Website Design Intern

Being an intern at Best Point has been an adventure from the start. I get to experience new situations and challenge myself on a daily basis. I think that this company is a great opportunity to get real world-experience. By working here, I have developed many different life skills that are critical in any situation. I truly believe that we are building here at Best Point, building websites and futures.

Sara - Website Design Intern