It is fair to say I have always had mixed feelings on problem solving. Struggling through the problem can often be stressful; however, I take great pleasure in the breakthrough moment.

Such was the case when designing our latest website. Knowing the webpage would feature beautiful sunrises and sunsets, I had high hopes for the aesthetics of this site. However, as the old saying goes, no two sunsets are exactly alike, and the varying colors of each picture made it hard to develop a color scheme. Four attempts in, and the design I had come up with was mediocre at best.

Still unsatisfied by the results, the entire office gathered around the computer to brainstorm. Eventually, the yellow and royal blue (which seemed more appropriate for a high school gym than a classy photography business) melted into midnight black and a flowing gold. By working together, our team was able to obtain that breakthrough moment. At Best Point, collaboration is beauty.