We’re Right Here!

This is our hometown too. We grew up here. Some would say we’re still growing up here. And we’re not going anywhere. We’re here for the long haul.

Creating Websites. Creating Futures.

Yes, we’re creating professional websites, but we’re also creating futures for our students.

Growing talent in our community

We nurture, train and mentor. Then set them loose to make their own mark in our own community.

“It makes me smile just thinking about it. Sure, the local students get paid, but the benefits go way beyond that. People skills will be developed when meeting with potential clients and listening to their needs. Plus teamwork and a sense of responsibility to meet deadlines and achieve goals.  What better way to develop relationships with possible future employers right here in our community. And even though the students may graduate and move on, Best Point will still be here, growing more talent to replace them. – Brian Kreikemeier, founder.

We’re creating professional websites

Websites that sell. That tell your story. That win you customers.  Responsive, mobile-ready websites that grow as your business grows. We’ll even take care of hosting, domains, and all the other technical stuff if you want us to – so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

We ARE the community

It’s about blooming where you’re planted. Growing students’ connections to local businesses. Providing experiences that will shape their futures. Encouraging this next generation to develop roots here as well.