Beyond Lavender

"It is better than I ever imagined!"Laura Smith stated who is the owner of Beyond Lavender, relaxing facials & so much more! She is a highly trusted and sought-after licensed [...]

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Hi, my name is Emmie Dvorak! I’m from Dodge, NE and I’m a junior at GACC in West Point. I take part in my school’s Dance team and One Act [...]

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Hi! My name is Paige Rolf! I live right outside of West Point, and I'm a junior at GACC. I am involved in the Cheer and Dance team. I also [...]

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Mighty Giant

We are excited to promote our newest project! Mighty Giant is based out of Beemer, but their business reaches from coast to coast. Our main goal when creating this site [...]

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Go Irish!

For our family Christmas present this year, we got to go on a trip to the great campus of Notre Dame! My family is Irish, so we take great pride [...]

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